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‘Travel Without Judgement’

There are some great tour companies out there, but they all tend to follow the same path and the same style. We are not re-inventing the wheel but feel that our ‘product’ has some very distinct differences and some personal touches that make our travel experience quite unique…

We “Travel Without Judgement”. Gools and Thommo will let everyone enjoy the experience on their own level. We often offer free time and encourage those who care to, to branch off and explore on their own.

G & T will take you to some excellent restaurants in the most amazing locations but also show you the very best places to try the local street food.  We are there with you every step of the way. Sharing with you the best ways to negotiate the traffic, the language, the menus, and the different shopping experiences while having fun.

Gools and Thommo are quality control to make sure that your holiday well and truly exceeds your expectations.


Each, and every itinerary has personally been researched and designed by G & T (Gools and Thommo AKA Cheryl and Wayne)

Accommodation selections are chosen for their great location, view, style, feel and facilities, not just to a Star Category or as suggested by our ‘ground operators’. We make sure to use fantastic hotels that will add to your holiday experience. Some hotels are set inside a Colonial Residence and others are slick modern boutique style. All are hand-picked and researched personally by us!  All the accommodation options include a great breakfast so you can start each day with a good healthy meal. Most breakfasts have both western and local foods available to suit your taste.

You will have an option to eat at some of our favourite restaurants within close proximity to our accommodation. You can choose to join us and eat out or simply stay and eat in, it’s up to you! Funnily enough some of the best restaurants are within our chosen accommodation anyway. We have also personally checked many restaurant menus to make sure that they can cater for most of the obvious dietary requirements.  We also have a good variation between set menu, buffet and ordering from the menu with both western and local choices. The restaurants for our Special Farewell Dinners have both been chosen for the amazing food and the experience, which all adds to a night to remember.

Having both Gools and Thommo along as  hosts gives you something no one else can match. We will be with you the whole time looking after you personally. On top of that we will also have  Local City Guides throughout the tour. You are in a small group environment which is great and with so many support staff on hand you can create your own travel experience. You may have had a ‘group tour’ experience before where you felt rushed and dragged along by your guide. We make sure that everyone gets to walk at a comfortable pace and have time to have a good look at things along the way. If you are a keen photographer, then you will have time to get the shot without losing the group. If you need to buy something special while we are out and about then we can make this happen without making the group wait. In our opinion, this is really important in a group environment.

Most importantly we made sure we put together a “Great Value” product, not necessarily the cheapest but well worth the few extra dollars for an amazing experience! We have chosen our dates and itinerary for each country, with consideration given to the best possible weather, the lesser crowds and special holiday dates.

A maximum group size of 18 guests plus G & T opens up the availability of larger coaches. Often, a slightly smaller group will warrant a much smaller vehicle like a coaster bus. G & T know by having 18 guests instead of 16 means that they will need a larger vehicle but will then have some empty seats, so you can spread out a bit. Also,  sometimes a fleet of individual 4WD vehicles allows you to get off the beaten track & offer a much more flexible itinerary. Every tour has been designed to provide the ultimate travel experience. Although we have a maximum of 18 guests, quite often the group size is smaller due to the types of accommodation we choose. In boutique style accommodation, rooms can be limited. With our single travellers taking up the single room option, this can decrease the total group size.

If this style of travel sounds like you then read on as they have now added new destinations to the Club and they look forward to seeing you again soon.