TOUR 1: 23 March – 7 April 2023

TOUR 2: 11-26 April 2023

The heritage villages & the faces of Nepal will be lit up by the backdrop of Himalayan mountain ranges. Nepal – the G&T way!

Our tour focuses on the heritage and conservation of the bountiful history of the people and their places. To get to these amazing places we need to access the backroads to make it happen. Most other tours just stick to the busy main roads and miss what Nepal, in our opinion, is all about. These busy main roads do mean you get to travel in a coach which does make it cheaper, but you will not get to see the real Nepal. The green rolling hills and fertile valleys, the majestic high peaks above arid valleys, giant mountains linked by suspension bridges and the people and their family life.

The Nepalese people are the most resilient we have experienced. Their smiles shine brighter than the sun and their hearts are warm and always open to welcome travellers to see their beautiful country. They have bounced back from many adversities and their country is now back on display.

Travellers for many years have always seen Nepal as a trekking only destination. Thommo and I have certainly done our share of that in the past. We are very excited to have now found a new way, to allow others who may not want to trek, to witness firsthand what we have awed over each, and every day during our Himalayan treks.

Our great friend Niraj whom we have known for 23 years, owns a long standing and fantastic adventure company in Nepal that has operates those trekking journeys. He has arranged many personal itineraries for us already. We met up with him and simply asked if it was at all possible to see what we have seen trekking, but with a softer approach.

Niraj joined us on our research trip for our Nepal programme and with his amazing knowledge and local contacts we pieced together an experience that will delight people with all different abilities. We inspected many different properties and played with many different itineraries and bounced many ‘out of the box’ ideas and finally developed an itinerary that is as diverse as our groups will be.

There is something for everyone on this tour, including gentle walks, longer hikes or independent strolls around the villages in which we stay. The decision on how active you want to be is yours to make on the day.

You will witness the happy lifestyle of the Nepalese and experience just how simple life can be. If photography is your thing then we guarantee you will get your fill. The very typical sight of monasteries and temples perched high on the hill with a backdrop of clear blue sky and surrounded by many colourful prayer flags, just one sample of what you’ll see. You will be able to do as little or as much as you like!

Our 4WD fleet will make it feel like a private tour and gets us that access that we want without the effort. No-one should miss out on this part of the world and we have made sure that you now don’t have to.

Be sure to read our points of difference below as this will make sense as to how we have designed and costed our Nepal programme.


There are some great tour companies out there but they all tend to follow the same path and the same style. We are not re-inventing the wheel but feel that our ‘product’ has some very distinct differences and some personal touches that make our travel experience quite unique. For our existing G&T Clubbers, you know all of this but for the benefit of our new comers and of course your immediate family and friends who we invite to join you please see below how we differ.

G &T believe that the accommodation is way more than just a bed for the night and should add to your holiday experience.

We have made sure to have several multi night stops including four 2-night stops and one 3-night stop as this gets us out of the cars and allows us to enjoy discovering the allures of Nepal on foot.

The search for great accommodation was proving to be a minor challenge at first but once we thought outside the square and utilised the bonus of being able to access the backroads, we found some absolute gems, many of which are a tribute to the heritage of Nepal.

Due to the detailed restoration and conservation undertaken by the artisans we are sure you will appreciate their uniqueness and style!

We were most considerate of location, spectacular views, heritage style, comfort and facilities. Not the cheapest option but well worth the extra dollars to have this truly unique Nepal Himalayan experience.

G&T believe that the food should also be a highlight of your holiday experience.

Unlike other destinations we don’t have the option to choose our restaurant dining experience each night. This is due to the remoteness of the area and the developing nature of the country. You will note that most meals are included and therefore it was important that we chose accommodation that will provide healthy and interesting options knowing that supplies in many areas are limited.

We are very excited to report that we have tested the menus and eaten at our selected stays, and the food was great. With the exception of course of The Mustang Resort (which was not officially open when researched) we have no reason to believe that it will be nothing short of fantastic. Our Special Farewell Dinner has been designed around amazing food that reflects the country’s cuisine. This dining experience will be one to remember.

Having both Gools and Thommo along as your hosts will give you something no one else can match. We will be with you throughout your adventure looking after you personally.

We are there on the ground making sure that everything goes to plan and we are also able to negotiate any minor changes that may need to be made. We can assist in case of emergencies, not that we expect any! We can assist with deciphering the menu, bargaining for souvenirs and help ensure you enjoy a hassle free holiday.

You will be in a small group environment with an extended support crew on hand. A national guide and several local village guides and Gools and Thommo. This means you won’t be rushed or left behind while in the bazaar or on the trail, which happens on some guided tours. This has always been a ‘bug bear’ of ours when we do participate in group travel.

Come with G&T and we will make sure that you can walk at your own comfortable pace. You’ll have time to stop and look at things, you’ll have a chance to get that shot without feeling rushed and you’ll be able to stop and buy something without losing the group.

Most importantly we have made sure to put together a ‘Great Value’ product, not necessarily the cheapest but well worth the few extra dollars for an amazing experience!

We have chosen our tour dates and the direction of our itinerary to coincide with the best possible weather. We have made sure that the itinerary allows for ample time for relaxation and plenty of time to be active. This is a ‘premium comfort’ tour and a great way to explore Nepal.

Our idea with Nepal was to present a fabulous Himalayan adventure that everyone could enjoy regardless of their fitness level. We took the time to put together an amazing itinerary that reaches the splendour of the Himalayan vista with natural flow to maximise our time and experience.

Our chosen route is one that will ‘wow’ you every moment of every day, and it will get you up close and personal with the local Nepalese people and the Himalayan range.

The way we are going to do this is by travelling in a small fleet of 4WD vehicles which does cost a little more but will allow us to travel the ‘backroads’ and access the small villages and the expansive views of the giant snow-capped peaks. It also gives us complete control and flexibility throughout our daily activities. Our group size will be a maximum of 15 guests due to the split across the fleet. Maximum of 3 guests per car.

We will encourage you to share the experience with different people as you can swap and change vehicles as you wish. Generally, there will be 3 guests in each car but if 2 couples are travelling together you might like to share 1 car as a group of 4. You can change cars each day as well which means different drivers with different stories.

Gools and Thommo  will simply move around the cars to fill those single seats where needed.


Namaste!! Upon arrival, we’ll whisk you away from the chaotic and modern self of Kathmandu to the medieval town of Bhaktapur. This magnificently preserved old self of the Kathmandu Valley shows off an old-world charm along with centuries old craftsmanship that is evident as we marvel at the local temples and squares. Our hotel tonight is a ‘Boutique’ hotel with a charm all of its own.

The hotel is a tasteful reproduction of Nepali architecture, an intimate blend of the architectural heritage of both the Malla and Rana era. It captures the true emotion and sentiment of the rich Newari heritage of Bhaktapur.

It will be a truly spellbinding first day as we all witness the connection that the people still have to their ancestral ways of life and faith.

Welcome to the allures of Nepal!

Arrival Transfer: Airport to hotel included

Meals included: Dinner

Overnight: Bhaktapur (Heritage Hotel)

Let’s walk off the jetlag this morning with a gentle Walking Tour of charming Bhaktapur.

Afterwards, drive into the city for an insightful tour of some of the major historical and cultural landmarks of Kathmandu. The heritage is now in deep contrast with the all too familiar big city melee and manic bustle of daily life.

Points of interest today will be:

Pashupatinath – a holy Hindu temple dedicated to one of the Hindu trinity Gods, Shiva (The God of Destruction)

Bodhnath – a highly revered Buddhist pilgrimage site, supposedly one of the biggest Stupas in the world influenced by the Tibetan form of Buddhism.

Swayambhunath – (a.k.a. Monkey temple)

Perched on a pedestal high on the hilltop, Swayambhunath is acclaimed as the oldest Stupa in the world and is influenced by both the Nepalese and Tibetan forms of Buddhism. This Stupa attracts a constant stream of pilgrims from all around Nepal.

Patan – Although these days it is part of the urban sprawl of Kathmandu, it still has a great history of its own. It is the centre of Sanskrit learning and thus its Sanskrit name of Lalitpur ‘City of Living Arts’. Patan is best explored on foot which will give us an excellent opportunity for capturing the life and colour that surrounds.

Meals included: Breakfast and Dinner

Overnight: Bhaktapur (Hotel Heritage)

Leaving the Kathmandu Valley and the city behind, the beauty of our individual 4WD fleet should by now be extremely obvious as we get off the beaten track and access those villages only previously accessible by foot. The adventure begins as we head for the ‘backroads’ of Nepal.

This morning we will drive by taking an alternative off-road route instead of the busy highway. This dusty off-road, climbs up towards the Shivapuri National Park, past an army check-post at Gurje Bhanjyang then suddenly we have the views of the Langtang Range in front of us.

It’s here that the amazing Himalaya will start to excite. The road conditions do improve as we head downhill by taking numerous twists and turns. The verdant hills and terraced farmlands provide a soothing vista which is very typical of the Nepalese middle-hill country. Driving across an expansive valley bed and through rapidly developing towns, we again meet a backroad which emerges on to a main road to Nuwakot.

We reach Gangate which is where the Langtang  region and Tibet border meet. Shortly after at Bidur we divert again and follow the serpentine narrow road up the hill through the pine forest to the delightful historic tribal village of Nuwakot (4hrs approx).

The cultures of many tribes and clans can be observed in Nuwakot district. Tamangs, Newars, Magars, Chettris, Brahmins and Dalits among  others live in this district showcasing their own unique culture & lifestyles. We have the chance to stroll around the village visiting a 17th century palace and fortress, the cobbled bazaar area, a local school and an ancient temple of ‘divine power’.

Our home for the next two nights lies on the hillside, backed by the 7,000m Langtang Himal. ‘The Famous Farm’ is surely everyone’s idyllic pastoral and restorative ‘fix’. The imposing old manor house, which is almost 80 yrs old, has two charming cottages forming a courtyard with a beautiful garden. The Farm itself is a delight of quiet corners and niches with terraces of abundant, colourful, organic crops. The ways and moods of the working farm permeate as the new freshness of the cottage interiors take nothing away from their rustic ambience. Our accommodation tonight is a real delight.

Meals included: Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

Overnight: Nuwakot (The Famous Farm)

While enjoying your stay at The Famous Farm you may wish to take the guided hike around the surrounding area. This option includes visiting several viewpoints and villages or you can simply choose to lap up the luxury of R ‘n R amidst this  serene rural setting. You may wish to grab your camera and just wonder around The Farm and village yourself at your own pace and create your own adventure.

Hike details:

After a leisurely breakfast we start the hike from The Famous Farm towards the first viewpoint (10mins approx). Continue further on through the sporadic settlements and little terraced farms heading uphill along to another viewpoint on top of the hill (45mins approx). From here (weather conditions permitting) there are great views of the Langtang Range and Ganesh Himal. Stop by local settlements along the way for interaction and insight into the typical lifestyle of the local people. The uphill walk resumes for another 15minutes, leading you to another vantage point and the site of Mallika Temple. From here, on a clear day, you’ll be bestowed with an unobstructed view of the Himalayas that includes the Langtang Range and Rolwaling Range and a great view of the Tadi valley below.

Soon, you’ll be descending a flight of stoned paved steps to the landscape below that opens out flat at Turkechaur (20mins approx). We continue onto a small local school (30mins approx). The final stretch of the hike returns us through the wayside villages back to The Famous Farm. Total duration: 3hrs approx .NB: The distance is difficult to  determine as we stop and start constantly. We can engage with the local people along the way and everywhere we look is worthy of a photo. The terrain is always so varied which is why we have run with timings instead of distance.

Meals included: Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

Overnight: Nuwakot (The Famous Farm)

Our destination today is the hilltop scenic village of Bandipur (4.5hrs approx).

We will drive briefly back down the main road to a backroad that leads up onto an auxiliary road to follow alongside the Trisuli river. This scenic drive finishes at an enchanting small village where we stay for 2 nights. We break todays journey at The Trisuli Centre. We will enjoy a refreshing drink on the river beach and witness how life connects across the river by a 160m long footbridge. It’s here that the traditional hinterland villages that are on the original trekking trails are linked to the more modern Nepal.

With its eagle’s nest location, gorgeous Himalayan views, provincial architecture and jovial staff we are sure you will enjoy a warm welcome at The Old Inn.

The Inn is almost 100 yrs old and the way it has been restored will amaze you all. The restoration and conservation of this traditional Newari town house has kept the low ceilings and the overall sense of proportion and scale is still evident and blend nicely with the expected comforts of modern day Nepal.

Explore and enjoy the narrow lane ways and village paths of this hidden gem. Find a quiet place to sit in the central and traffic-free bazaar, sip hot tea, nibble local snacks and simply be a part of this traditional village life.

As the sun gets low in the sky the children, watched by their parents, enjoy the freedom of the village square. An afternoon stroll around Bandipur allows for reflection of the typical laid-back lifestyle of the middle hills of Nepal.

Meals included: Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

Overnight: Bandipur (The Old Inn)

Here’s your chance to rest and relax around the village square or stroll the Bandipur village outskirts on your own gentle adventure or get active again and take a hike to the connecting village of Ramkot.

Hike details to the village of Ramkot (4-5hrs approx) This hike is to a less explored, delightful little ‘Magar’ village. The trail is partly through forested stretches and partly through sporadic  settlements involving intermittent sections of uphills and downhills. In the village, you’ll get an opportunity to interact with the local villagers, witness their local lifestyle and bask in the glory of stunning views of the Himalaya.The views on this hike are quite a  contrast to the ones you get back in Bandipur.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Overnight: Bandipur (The Old Inn)

Instead of driving straight to your next scheduled destination, Pokhara, we will make an interesting detour to another hidden gem.

Riepe village is perched on a terraced hillside where the Marsyangdi river meanders below and where the views of the high Himalaya are utterly spectacular. Her  e, a small cluster of farms form a beguiling village. The almost forgotten simplicities of yesteryear are being revitalised in this village.

We first drive back to meet the highway down at  Dumre, then head in the direction of Besisahar, a gate way to the legendary Annapurna Circuit trek.  Reaching the village of Kalimati, we change course driving up the hill on a backroad to Riepe (2hrs approx)

After a lunch at a community based home-stay facility and taking in the views and character of the village, we drive back to Dumre (1.5hrs approx) and continue our journey on a main road to Pokhara (2hrs approx) and to an oasis that is our hotel, located in close proximity to the picturesque Fewa Lake.The panoramas that the guidebooks and postcards rightly find irresistible is Pokhara with the backdrop of stunning Himalayan Peaks, the most picturesque of them being Machapuchare (Fishtail Mountain), and the still waters of Fewa Lake adorn the beauty of this pretty town.

Pokhara is also recognized as the adventure sports centre of Nepal and the surrounding hill side of which are the breeding grounds of the famed ‘Gurkha’ soldiers. The town is the famous hub for all trekkers to get started and therefore feels more like a big town. Because we have a total of 3 nights here in  Pokhara (1 before and 2 after the Mustang region visit) it was important to find the perfect place. After lots of research we finally found this comfy garden retreat right in the centre of town within walking  distance to everything.

This afternoon you will have time to head out for a stroll and take in what this trendy and laid back, beach like town has to offer. No beach in sight but it is the lakeside environment that travellers love. This popular tourist hub has an endless selection of restaurant cuisines and lots of little pokey shops selling  everything imaginable. You are free to choose your own dining experience for tonight.

Meals included: Breakfast and Lunch

Overnight: Pokhara (Temple Tree Resort)

Now it gets really exciting as our backroad adventure continues. To reach the next part of our Nepal  experience we need to lock in 4WD and leave the smooth tarmac behind. We head out of Pokhara and into the lower reaches of the Kali Gandaki Valley.

Around Beni, we say goodbye to the tarmac once and for all and the road becomes a dusty 4WD track that skirts the raging Kali Gandaki river. Once we reach Tatopani the road then climbs and climbs and climbs.

You can see the dramatic changes right outside our windows. The Himalayan giants are getting closer and closer. First, we get views of Nilgiri Himal and as you ascend further the mesmerising peak of Dhaulagiri and the Annapurnas come into view. Things then begin to level out finally as the Kali Gandaki Valley broadens out. Our detour then winds its way quickly up to our overnight stay and the comfort of the spectacularly located Thasang Village Lodge which lays upon the famous Annapurna trekking route. (total driving today 7hrs approx).

Our journey today takes us through many little villages and there’s plenty of opportunity to stop and enjoy the views as we take a break from the driving. Make sure your cameras are fully charged.

After our long journey today, it was important to choose an option that will warm the senses. Thasang Village Lodge certainly does that. It is a truly isolated stone lodge perched high in the hills with a warm welcome and a breathtaking view to remember. Looming high and immediately above us is Dhaulagiri at 8167m and the Dhaulagiri icefall in all its splendour. Across the valley are the Nilgiri Himal peaks, the trio of mountains around 7000m and the amazing Annapurnas.

It has the feel of a ski lodge and places us perfectly to be able to enjoy the trails and valleys below. The long drive today is well worth the effort to be able to experience the deep folds of The Himalayas right from your hotel deck. The freshness of the open air and the cool kiss of the night sky will help you appreciate the drive from Pokhara. Packed lunch from Temple Tree and a scenic picnic along the way.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Overnight: Thasang (Lodge Thasang Village)

After a warm and delicious breakfast, we head down to the valley floor and onto the stony jeep track that winds its way to Jomsom where we have a 3-night resort stay. As we approach Jomsom the trees start to thin out and then virtually all vegetation disappears abruptly, marking the furthest extent of the Himalayan rain shadow. A truly dramatic scene to soak in.

On your right the sharp peak of Nilgiri South, at 6839m is more spectacular than ever before and you have now crossed through the Himalayas. The arid landscape of the Mustang region is stretched out before you in the form of the upper reaches of the Kali Gandaki. Not only has the landscape changed, the culture has changed too and the villages from now on have a distinctly Tibetan flavour to them. 

En-route to Jomsom, we stop by for a meander in the medieval looking village of Marpha, the ‘Apple Capital of Nepal’, famous for its apple pie, apple brandy & apple cider.

Follow the trekkers trail through the cobbled narrow street, stop by one of the old, traditionally designed teahouses for a cup of butter tea or try the local apple pie. You may just be sitting next to an exhausted trekker who is happy to have a well-earned break. Having now been to Marpha, you can say you have had a taste of the famous ‘Apple Pie trail’ from the hippie (highly intelligent people pursuing interesting endeavours) era!!!

After settling in at the resort, there’s an optional exploration to an ancient Thini village & to the small alluring Dumba Lake on the other side of Kali Gandaki river. For those wanting to extend the walk and improve the spectacular views, a hiking option is also available further up from Dumba lake to the top of a hill which provides a splendid view of Nilgiri, Dhaulagiri and Thapa peak and an expansive view of Kali Gandaki river valley below.

Our Mustang Resort is an absolute luxury and style filled resort, right in the centre of this region with uninterrupted views of the stunning mountain ranges. Something truly different for Nepal. It is brand new and we couldn’t believe what we had found. When we did our research in search of a differing experience the only word to describe it was WOW! The location is perfect to explore the surrounding area, the facilities allow for a little pampering and the design leaves no-one guessing just where in the world they are. For these reasons we have chosen to stay 3 nights here.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Overnight: Jomsom (Mustang Resort)

Drive to Muktinath (1-1.5hrs approx) where you can infuse yourself with some spiritual energy by visiting the impressive Muktinath Temple, one of the holiest pilgrimage sites in Nepal for Buddhists and Hindus alike. If you’re brave, and you wish to supposedly cleanse yourself of all your sins, duck your head under each of the icy-cold 108 waterspouts. As we descend, we can stop off at a tiny corner of the cobbled lane where a few quaint cafes and Tibetian shops pop up. Try your hand at bargaining or sit in the sun and have a ‘cuppa and cake’.

Later in the day, drive down to Kagbeni for Lunch. This green oasis in the middle of a desert-like landscape is a great junction village on the ancient Trans-Himalayan trade route and the gateway to the restricted region of Upper Mustang. Wandering around Kagbeni, it’s easy to lose yourselves in a fascinating labyrinth of lanes lined by mud-walled houses with ground floor stables and red-bordered windows. The lanes are interspersed with ‘chortens’ and prayer wheels.

This is an ancient place, brimming with life, with residents and their children, visitors, and pack animals and horses filling the lanes. A visit to a centuries old monastery gives you an opportunity to gain insight into one of the 4 forms of Tibetan Buddism, Sakyapa.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Overnight: Jomsom (Mustang Resort)

Today is a rest and relax day or take on a bite size piece of a true trekking trail. Just beyond Jomsom (1hr approx), we pull over and veer off the main trail and head east. A small wooden bridge crosses the Panda Khola stream, following the course of which you enter the village of Lupra (1.5hr approx). One of the oldest settlements of the region with its heritage charm still intact and surviving well.  The highlight of this village is Lupra monastery which was founded in the 12th century by Lupragpa, a famous Bon master. Bon is the ancient shamanist faith once prevalent in Tibet and adjoining Himalayan territory which later became incorporated into the mainstream Tibetan Buddhism.

Lupra village (2790m) is an interesting offbeat side-trip. Few visitors make it here but the village with its adobe houses and traditionally clad inhabitants is well worth a visit. NB: This trail is quite narrow and steep in places and good balance is required.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Overnight: Jomsom (Mustang Resort)

A short drive back to Thasang (1.5hrs approx).

After checking back into our lodge and a little time to refresh we take a hike to get even closer to Dhaulagiri Mountain and to the sacred Sekong Lake (3hrs approx ).

We will drive from the lodge to the valley floor and cross a tributary river by means of a small suspension bridge and then pick up a trail that leads up through a beautiful pine forest. From here we walk up the hill and eventually pop out above the tree line, we reach the waters of sacred Sekong Lake. The stunning scenery fills the view finder as right above us towers Dhaulagiri. Across the Kali Gandaki are the peaks of the Annapurna range and the seemingly omnipresent Nilgiris. This time we are looking up at these giants rather than across at them. While enjoying a picnic lunch today we may see the Yak herders and their Yaks grazing in the forest.

Not too common these days but a few traditional farmers continue to use this area. We then continue and now descend into forest and to the small lake of Bhuchharchho, then back down to the valley floor, where our cars are waiting for our return to the Lodge.

The gentle option:

Titi Lake exploration: Drive down to Kali Gandaki river and 4WD across the shallow river. Now taking the eastern flank of the river corridor, we drive to Titi Lake (45mins approx). Situated at an altitude of 2679m, Titi Lake is quite different to Sekong Lake but the marshy land around the small lake attracts expansive species of birds and is regarded as one of the best sites in the Mustang region for bird watching. The significance of the lake is also heightened by the fact that it is the only breeding place in Nepal for the mallard and common moorhen ducks.

There is an option to either drive down (10mins approx) or walk down (approx 30 mins) to reach the sparsely populated twin villages of Taglung and Kunju. These delightful villages offer up an authentic teahouse experience. After your ‘cuppa’ we will drive back up to the Lodge for a view that you just can’t get enough of. NB: Lunch is included but will depend on numbers and what time of day this option starts as to the location.

Meals included: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner

Overnight: Thasang (Lodge Thasang Village)

Today, with the exciting memories and awesome photos of this amazing region we’re back on the road retracing our steps to Pokhara (7hrs approx).

We will take a breakfast box with us this morning to get us on the track for a slightly earlier start so we can enjoy the hot springs en-route to Pokhara. Relishing in the landscape and close-up views of the snow-clad high rises for one final time we will all have different reflections of this amazing part of the world.  For something different, today we will break the journey at Tatopani. An opportunity to soak in the natural hot spring water which just may have some therapeutic magic. A picnic lunch will also break the day.

Arriving in Pokhara late in the afternoon we will take a boat ride across the lake to seek out a tranquil, secluded place for a ‘G & T’ sundowner. A very fitting way to finish off the day.

Dinner tonight is not included so it can be as simple or as lavish as you like.

Meals included: Breakfast and Lunch

Overnight: Pokhara (Temple Tree Resort)

Your full free day in Pokhara amidst the tranquil and splendid natural setting of Fewa Lake can be as busy or restful as you like. You may want to take on some retail therapy or massage therapy.

You may want to hire a bike and ride the flat back streets. You may want to get up early and walk as the locals wake up and the town comes to life. A sleep in and a late strong coffee may be all you need.


You may want to do something fully ‘left field’ like the backpackers do and try something really ‘out there’ like Paragliding or an Ultralight Flight. There are many options and they all are available locally.

Meals Included: Breakfast

Overnight: Pokhara (Temple Tree Resort)

Transfer to the regional airport for a short flight back to Kathmandu (30mins approx).

Just in case you need one more glimpse, the majestic Himalayas are just outside the port windows of our small aircraft. On arrival in  Kathmandu we will go straight to our beautiful  heritage accommodation and we have a deliberate ‘no plan’ for the day!

Our hotel tonight is something truly unique and the atmosphere really does need to be absorbed. The courtyard within the hotel feels like a small village within itself and the architecture is to be admired. The magnificence of Dwarika’s is its buildings of intricate carved wood and terracotta work. Every brick is handmade, and every piece of woodwork is centuries old original. Dwarika’s is not just  about the art, architecture and décor, it’s also about intimate luxury and the spirit and hospitality of the Nepali people.

Relaxing and enjoying your accommodation can be todays standalone activity. Dwarika’s is the ultimate in heritage and conservation. It is the most amazing luxury hotel in Kathmandu!

If you wish, you can explore more of the town or hunt for some colourful souvenirs from the vibrant local markets. Our hotel is located about 20 minutes driving distance from the centre of Kathmandu, but transfers to and from the popular shopping district of Thamel are available for those who do wish to visit. 

Our G & T Final night’s dinner is an elaborate  experience of fine Nepali dining. An amazing 9-course extravaganza at the Dwarika’s celebrated Krishnarpan restaurant. This too will be an experience to remember!

Meals included: Breakfast and 9 course Gala Dinner

Overnight: Kathmandu (Dwarika’s Hotel)

Departure day sadly!

You can depart any time after breakfast.

Meals included: Breakfast


Gools and Thommo have chosen a great variety of accommodation throughout the itinerary. Feel free to click on the accommodation links below and have a look at the galleries that relate and this will give you an idea of what to expect.


Heritage Hotel – Bhaktapur

The Famous Farm – Nuwakot

The Old Inn – Bandipur

Temple Tree Resort – Pokhara

Lodge Thasang Village – Thasang

Mustang Resort – Jomsom

Dwarika’s – Kathmandu

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  • Accommodation at selected hotels with daily breakfast
  • 15 breakfasts, 11 lunches, 11 dinners PLUS our G&T Dwarika’s 9 course Gala farewell Dinner on night 15 of our tour
  • Private transport where indicated
  • Arrival and departure transfers
  • Private 4WD jeeps for the group. 1 jeep for a maximum of 3 paying passengers, unless you are travelling with friends and want to travel with 4 people
  • Pokhara to Kathmandu flight
  • All activities/ tours/ visits as indicated in the itinerary inclusive of applicable entrance fees/ permits
  • Services of accompanying English speaking tour leader/guide throughout the trip
  • Services of local guides as required


  • Visas
  • Please make sure you have 6 months passport validity
  • Travel insurance
  • Meals not listed in the itinerary
  • Beverages
  • Activities/ tours/ visits not mentioned in the itinerary
  • Tips and gratuities. Gools and Thommo always suggest that our groups participate in a group tipping kitty to simplify the ‘tipping’ process
  • The tipping kitty is USD $8.00 per person per day per paying guest. Total USD $120.00 cash payable on day 1 of the tour. This covers all tips for porters/drivers/local guides/hotel staff etc for the duration of your trip