We have compiled a list of questions that we are asked most frequently, in order to help you with your queries as quickly as possible. If you can’t find an answer here, please feel free to Contact Us directly.

 Answer: No, we like to personally communicate with all our travellers during the booking process. When we launch a tour, booking forms will be available both within the Tour Launch email and also on our website.

Answer: No. The nature of our business is quite different to ‘Tour Companies’ that take bookings through a travel agent. We are a ‘Club’ and deal directly with our clients.

Answer: G&T Travel Club trips generally sell out within 2-4 weeks of a new tour program being launched. All ‘Clubbers’ receive updates leading up to tour launches so it is easy to be prepared to book once the tours are released.  

Answer: You can however it is not an economical option as the full tour price is still applicable

Answer: Yes. We have a great relationship with Mark at The Adventure Specialists in Sydney. He can assist you with add-ons to any of our tours.  

Answer: No. Our travellers come from all over Australia and around the world. We suggest searching for the most cost effective fare from your international gateway airport. Once again, Mark at The Adventure Specialists can assist.   

Answer: The deposit is payable when you ‘grab your spot’ by completing a booking form and requesting your desired departure date. We will confirm if the spot is available. The deposit is payable once your spot is confirmed.

Answer: Generally 100 days before departure. If your booking is confirmed within 100 days of departure your final payment is due immediately to secure your spot. 

Answer: 18, plus Gools and Thommo. Sometimes we carry less than 18 guests if the room numbers are limited at selected hotels. 

Answer: Yes, a single supplement is payable.  We do offer to try and pair up same sex travellers if requested to do so. We will make the introduction and then it is up to those travellers to decide if they wish to share and avoid the single supplement. 

Answer: Yes, travel insurance is compulsory to participate on any G&T Travel Club Tour. We will require confirmation of your policy details before finalising your booking. 

Answer: Fitness requirements vary from tour to tour. We will always outline where higher than average fitness levels are required. 

Answer: Visas are required on most tours. G&T Travel Club will supply all clients with documentation that will assist with the visa application process at the appropriate time prior to departure. We will require confirmation of your visa details before finalising your booking. 

Answer: Please visit your GP or specialised Travel doctor to discuss your immunisation needs. Some destinations do require proof of certain immunisations as an entry clearance IE: Yellow Fever.  

Answer: Please visit your GP to discuss your requirements. 

Answer: G&T Travel Club supply a comprehensive packing list that is applicable to each tour as a part of our pre-departure documentation.  

Answer: As a general rule, up to 20KG, packed in a soft bag. We will advise if the luggage weight limit is less as this sometimes occurs when flying on domestic routes. Inexpensive additional luggage allowances can often be purchased in these cases.  

Answer: In most cities yes. We will advise the best places to get your laundry done as you normally need a 2-night stop to get it dry. 

Answer: You can contact us directly by clicking on the ‘contact us’ button. Additional information is available for most tours on our website. 

Answer: All inclusions are outlined on each tour brochure. 

Answer: This varies from tour to tour and is outlined on each tour brochure. 

Answer: A mix of cash (both $USD and $AUD) and 2 debit/credit cards is the best option. Visa seems to be more readily accepted over Mastercard in most countries that we run tours 

Answer: Yes. We always outline a suggested tipping amount for each tour as the destinations we run tours in generally have a tipping culture. Tipping is optional but a gratuity from each traveller makes a huge difference to people’s lives in the countries we visit. Often we will run a tips kitty to cover the daily gratuities to the likes of breakfast restaurant staff and porters as we go. This will be advised in our tour brochure.

Answer: G&T Travel Club prefer to use small Boutique/Historical and interesting accommodation. 

Answer: As a general rule you will have internet (wi-fi) most days. A small fee is sometimes charged by the hotels.

Answer:  Only If you have global roaming activated prior to your departure from Australia. Phone use overseas can be an expensive proposition. Please discuss your requirements with your service provider. Sometimes getting a local sim on arrival is a good option too but this needs to be done at the airport. We need to advise however, that one client did try this and it was not activated correctly. With lots of effort we were unable to fix it. 

Answer: Bottled water is always the best choice while travelling to developing countries. Other options are available such us purification tablets which will need to be bought from home.

 Answer: You will have an amazing variety of food available during your tour. 

Most hotels and restaurants are capable of handling the mainstream allergies and dietary requirements. Gools and Thommo pride themselves in being able to assist all G & T Clubbers find the food that best suits their palate. We will suggest multiple dining options on a daily basis.

Answer: Eating while travelling away from home can sometimes be a challenge! You cannot always get ‘what you eat at home’ but we have never had a dietary requirement that we could not deal with as long as the traveller was open to trying new things. 

Answer: G&T Travel Club develop itineraries with plenty of spare time for you to pursue your interests. Gools and Thommo will be there with you on every tour to help you find what it is you are looking for!

Answer: When we travel between towns we use our own private chartered transport. During free time we often use public transport either independently or in a small group which is often one of the highlights of the tour.