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What’s in the pipeline!

Many G&T Clubbers have been asking about our up-coming destinations. We are happy to advise that we are right in the middle of our research for our new Nepal and South East Asia programs.

Just like India and Sri Lanka, we are planning the programs so that those of you, who have the extra time, may be able to combine the two destinations and take advantage of the added value of a single International airfare.

South East Asia seems to be on everyone’s list because it is so close to home and has so much to offer.

G&T have been researching and designing a new program to encompass the best travel highlights available. We will be starting in the bustling city of Bangkok before heading up to slower paced northern cities. We will discover the people and their religion, culture and food. A 2-day cruise along the ‘mighty’ Mekong River which will delight us with the gentle life along its banks.

The history in Laos will open our eyes to a life long gone. The local architecture will enhance our daily wanderings as we walk and eat along the local streets. Vietnam will amaze us with its culinary delights and friendly smiling people. No tour to Vietnam would be complete without the alluring experience of a cruise in a traditional junk on Halong Bay.

This first part of the programme is now complete and in November 2018 G&T will be heading back to research the balance of the Hanoi to Saigon leg and across into Cambodia. We anticipate the introduction of our 2 new tours to be late 2019 or early 2020. So if you are interested let us know so we can pop you on the VIP list.